What Are The Methods Of Controlling Rodents?

Every household will surely face certain pest problems now and then. At some or the other, they might have faced rodent problems too. Rats and mice that infest your house or garden cause serious issues and require rodent control. They cause a variety of diseases but along with that, they damage your home structure as well. It is very important to control rodents. Otherwise, they can create a lot of issues and completely devastate your house, even causing serious diseases for you and your pets. 

In this blog, we provide complete information about the various methods of controlling rodent pests. We will offer a complete guide on rodent control steps and methods. Rodents breed very quickly, hence, it becomes harder to get rid of them. Therefore, here we offer some rodent control methods that will help every house owner to get rid of rodents without any stress.

Effective rodent control methods and techniques

Rodent control mainly depends upon the types of rodents that you are dealing with. It also majorly depends upon the structure of your house and its logistics. Some general rodent control methods that are effective might still help you to get rid of rodents from your house. 

  1. Maintaining sanitation- Rodents usually enter your house in search of food. Your main task is to prevent them from obtaining food from your place. You should always maintain sanitation in your house, especially in kitchens. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Protect all your food and other items in plastic bags and Ziploc containers. Never leave your food in paper containers because rodents can tear them and contaminate the food. Make sure to clean up after every meal. This is because even a small spill or crumb can attract rodents your way. 
  1. Rodent proofing the house- Now you might say that you keep your house spick and span, yet there are rodent problems that you are facing. This can happen when a large rodent infestation is present near your house. Hence, rodent proofing is very necessary to control rodents from your home. Make sure you inspect your house thoroughly and seal any kind of cracks or holes if there are any.
  1. Rodent Repellent: Put rodent repellents in your garden and backyard to avoid any kind of rodent that tries to enter your house. Another kind of rodent proofing is you can use peppermint oil that acts as one of the most effective rodent repellents. Rodents also hate the smell of wood hyacinth, daffodils, and camphor. So, you can also use these to rodent-proof your house.

Rodent Catching And Removal

There are several methods to do this rodent hunting. If you are ought to get rid of these pests, then you must follow these methods so that you could find them and then exterminate them.

  1. Natural predators for rodents- If you want to deal with rodents then keep natural predators for rodents. Natural predators such as barn owls and cats are very helpful in controlling rodents. You need to take care of the fact that not all cats are rodent hunters or predators. Whereas, if you have a barn owl, a whole barn owl family can eat up to thousands of rodents if they are in the nesting season. Place a shelter box outside your house during nesting season, you will attract a lot of barn owls.
  1. Trapping the rodents- Rodent trapping is the most traditional and non-toxic method for rodent control. If used properly, they can effectively exterminate all the rodents. You just need to keep several rodent traps in the places where rodents usually frequent. Rodent traps come in various sizes and types, you can choose which one is suitable for your home environment. 
  1. Poison baits- Poison baits are nothing but rodenticides that help in killing and exterminating rodents. These poison baits consist of chemicals that are toxic and lethal for rodents. Although poison baits help in controlling rodents, they can still be harmful to your family and pets. Therefore, you must be careful while dealing with this method of rodent control. 
  1. Electronic rodent repellents- Electronic rodent repellent is a device that uses ultrasonic sound waves to control rodents. Rodents cannot stand these ultrasonic sound waves that are why they run away from them. But before using this method for rodent control you should know some things about it, like:
  1. The ultrasonic sound waves coming out of the electronic devices cannot go through walls. 
  2. Rodents get used to the sound waves over time.

Do You Need Help From Experts?

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